Seagull Beach at Cape Cod


I went on vacation with my family and we didn’t really plan where to go for the week. Usually we plan it all out but not this time. Our main plan is to visit my Lola (tagalog for grandmother) and Lolo (tagalog for grandfather) in Somerville, MA. So we had stayed there for the past 2 nights deciding our destinations the day of. I like this way of vacationing. Sleep in and ask the locals where the best place to go is.


(2 girls parasailing off the coast of Seagull Beach)

So one day, we decided to travel up to Cape Cod to go to check out the beaches. On the way up we had a potty break at a small pit stop. They had an information center there with all of the pamphlets about the different attractions in the area. We asked the nice woman who was at the desk which beach she recommended and she told us 3 different beaches, 1 of them being Seagull Beach. Seagull Beach was the closest and we wanted to make the most of the day so we decided to go there.


(sitting on the rock barge for an awesome view)

Seagull Beach is located in Yarmouth, Massachusetts which is part of Cape Cod. You come into the parking lot for the beach where you pay a parking fee. After getting the pass for the beach you are able to come and go throughout the day. So if you’d like to swim then go out to eat lunch at one of the many surrounding restaurants and come back then that’s absolutely fine. The parking lot attendant said we could even use the same pass to park at another beach.


(swimming in the clear area by the rock barge)

It’s about 1/2 mile long stretch of beach. At the end there is a rock barge that you are allowed to walk on. Many people were either fishing or sun bathing on those rocks. And then some people just went for a nice stroll to get a better look at the ocean.


(the rock barge)

It’s a really nice family beach. There were life guards on duty which is a plus for those parents. In the parking lot there were bathrooms and a food stand where you could get ice cream or hotdogs if you got hungry.

Contrary to it’s name I saw the grand total of 4 seagulls there. Not once were they bothering the humans for food like how you see at most boardwalks. The reason for this might be the only downfall of this beach.

There are shells all over the sand. Many snail and scallop shells lined the beach for the entire stretch. Of course the birds would be so full after eating such easy seafood catches. Most of the shells were right at the end of the beach where the waves hit the shore and by the rock barge at the end of the beach. I would suggest bringing shoes when walking here.


(the leftover shells on the beach)

As for the ocean. It was a moderately warm and windy day but the ocean was nice and warm. It was very clean and clear where I could see my toes through the water. In some places at least. When you look at the sea, you’ll clearly see blue and green areas. The green areas are clear and wonderful to swim in. The blue areas are all full of seaweed. It kind of felt like walking through a bathtub full of hair except not as nearly as gross. The seaweed obviously won’t hurt you while you walk through it to the green areas but it is a little distracting.


(the seaweed in the water or the water in the seaweed?)

Putting aside the shells and the seaweed, Seagull Beach has the softest sand I have ever touched. It almost felt like powdered sugar. It was comfortable enough to lay on without using a beach blanket. I particularly loved this part of this beach while I collected the pretty snail shells to add to my collection and take home.


(shell collection treasure chest)


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