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Baby Mermaid Crochet Cocoon


My friend KC just had her first child and it’s a girl! While she was still pregnant, KC requested I make a crocheted a mermaid cocoon ready for her Newborn photoshoot. (Her daddy is a photographer.) I couldn’t wait to meet my new niece and see how cute she looks as a mermaid princess.

Here’s the pattern for the mermaid cocoon that I made for Baby Alexa. Feel free to make one for any other baby mermaids you might know.


Yarn: Stitch Studio By Nicole – Storybook Lullaby Honeydew

Stitch Studio By Nicole – Storybook Lullaby Powder Pink

Hook: H-8 (5.0mm)

Fin Body

Row 1: Ch2 and create a magic circle. DC10 in the 2nd st of the magic circle. Join. 9st.

Row 2: Ch2, 2dc then 1dc in each st all around. Join. 16st.

Row 3: Ch2,  3dc then 1dc in each st all around. Join. 29st.

Row 4: Ch2,  2dc then 1dc in each st all around. Join. 42st.

Row 5-27: Ch2, 1dc in each st all around. Join. 61st.

Knot and tie off. Weave in the access yarn.

(The picture below is actually of a shorter version. The finished product on Baby Alexa is what the pattern given will make.)


Tail fin fluke

Row 1: Ch 25, chain extra 2sc. 27st.

Row 2: DC in each st, 2dc turn. 24st.

Row 3: DC in next 22 st, turn. 22st.

Row 4: DC in each stitch. Turn. 21st.

Row 5: Ch2, DC in next 18st. 18st.

Row 6: DC in next 17st. Turn. 17st.

Row 7: Ch2, DC in next 12 st. Turn. 13st.

Row 8: Ch2, DC in each st. Knot and tie off. 12st

Make 2 and sew shorter ends together. Sew the fluke to the bottom of the first piece that was made.


Mermaid Top

Row 1: Ch 40, chain extra 2st and turn. 40st.

Row 2 – 10: DC in each st, ch extra 2st and turn. Knot and tie off. 40st.

Sew the middle of the long rectangle together. Should look like a really long bow.

Weave in loose threads.

Shoe lace the ends together with a long piece of yarn. This will make it easier to put on the baby and also to make the top adjustable to size.



Row 1: Chain 60, ch 1 extra st and turn. 60 st.

Row 2: SC in each st. Join ends, tie off and end. 60st.

Weave in loose threads. The flower will go here.


Row 1: Ch 20, Ch extra 2st turn. 20st.

Row 2: DC in each. End. 40st.

Thread yarn at the bottom of the piece. Pull thread and scrunch up the piece. Curl the row so it overlaps itself in a circle. Sew down in place. Should look like a rose bud. Repeat 2 more times to make 3 roses in total. Sew onto the headband close to each other in a cluster.


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this pattern. If you have any questions just ask. 🙂


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