Genderbend Miraculous Ladybug Photoshoot

Hi everyone!

I actually wanted to get back into my blogging. I promise to put more content on here. I’ll make it a bit of a habit for me to keep on writing.

So I’ll get right into it. Today was a busy day. I had working until 12 noon today and then right after I got ready to do a Miraculous Ladybug Photo shoot. (I’ll share the pictures after they’ve been edited).

I decided to do a gender bend version of Miraculous. I did Adrienne Agreste (Female version of the male lead Adrien Agreste). I haven’t seen a lot of cosplays and fan art of the gender bend version. I’ve seen a few but definitely not as many all of the AU (alternate universe) versions out there. But anyway it was super fun! It was only for a short time since we all had stuff to do after the shoot so we’ll probably have a re do. I’ll keep you all up to date and post the pics here when they’re done.

Thanks for reading,



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