Johnsonville, CT – Reviving a ghost town

So my family just went to Johnsonville, CT. It’s an 1880’s New England ghost town. My church just recently bought the ghost town in the hopes of reviving it. It used to be a twine and cord milling town. Most of the original buildings are still standing. A little battered but still standing. There’s a lake and a creek and it was the creek that powered the mill. The town needs a lot of work but one day it’ll be a functional town once again. We started work on it just 1 week ago and in these pictures here it looks so much better already. The town used to be covered with weeds, 3 foot tall fields and poison ivy all over the buildings. Our neighborhood appreciation day was a success. Other neighborhood locals came to visit. I’m glad all of us were there to take part in a historical day of this village.

Here’s the dam. It’s usually a waterfall but since there was no rain this past week the lake didn’t really overflow too much.

The old buildings next to the lake. I’m not sure what the buildings used to be but they were huge and had 3 floors. Looks like it was a hotel or something along the lines of that. It used to be covered in poison ivy.


Vintage lampost. It’s so cool. This one fell and is sad now but there are more that still work around town. There is wiring in them still, some buildings have running water and electricity but not all of them just yet.

The trails around the property. Last week the fields and trails were covered in 3 foot tall grass. Now it’s all walkable.


A little tree growing on a bridge in the woods.


The view of the village from across the lake. It’s so pretty.



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