Fonthill Castle, PA


Located 1 hour and 25 minutes north of Philadelphia is the Fonthill Estate. An amazing property built and designed by Henry Chapman Mercer in 1910. Around the corner on the same property is the Mercer Museum that is filled with Mr. Mercer’s art. No pictures of the interior were allowed but daily tours are available to roam around the corridors. All of the walls inside are cement with tile designs and patterns all over the walls and staircases. In the first room you enter going into the castle that was decorated with sculpted cement animals that lined the wall. The entire building is a work of art. Literally.


Made an official national historic landmark in 1985.


Asides from the castles itself, the estate has a large amount of land surrounding the buildings. It is free to walk around the buildings and trails in the woods next to them. Dogs are also allowed on leash during most of the year.


The Mercer Museum, filled with many of Mr. Mercer’s tiled arts.



The gardens are also very beautiful. (Despite us visiting in the winter)


I absolutely love the long driveway lined with tall sycamore trees.

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 10.29.49 PM

Here’s a map from Philadelphia to the Fonthill Castle and Mercer Museum.



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