Kiradesa’s Cosplay Hashtag Challenge

Over 1 month. 1 post per day.

  1. “firstcosplay” First cosplay – first cosplay you ever did
  2. “latestcosplay” Latest cosplay – latest cosplay you ever did
  3. “cosplayglowup” Cosplay glow up – with the same character, make a collage of then and now pics
  4. “mostcomfycosplay” Most comfortable cosplay – most comfortable to wear
  5. “troublesomecosplay” Most troublesome cosplay – most uncomfortable to wear
  6. “cheapestcosplay” Cheapest cosplay – cheapest cosplay you ever did
  7. “expensivecosplay” Most expensive cosplay – most expensive cosplay
  8. “cosplayvscharacter” Cosplay vs character – a collage of your cosplay and the character
  9. “cosplans” Cosplan collage – potential cosplay plans
  10. “cosplayersaskids” Cosplayers as kids – collage of you as a kid and one of your cosplays
  11. “closetcosplay” Closet cosplay – put together a quick cosplay out of your everyday clothes
  12. “cosplaywip” Cosplay WIP –pic of your current cosplay WIP no matter how it looks
  13. “cosplayselfie” Cosplay selfie – a selfie taken in cosplay
  14. “cosplayboomerang” Cosplay boomerang – boomerang/short video of you in cosplay
  15. “occosplay” OC cosplay – cosplay an original character, your own or someone else’s (please tag out of respect)
  16. “cosplaygroup” Cosplay group pic – your group of cosplay friends or a pic of yourself and cosplayers from the same fandom
  17. “cosplayprops” Cosplay prop collection – collection of all your cosplay props
  18. “cosplaywigs” Cosplay wig collection – collection of all your cosplay wigs
  19. “cosplaycontacts” Cosplay contact collection – collection of all your cosplay eye contacts
  20. “cosplayship” Cosplay ship pic – favorite cosplay couple or fandom ship in cosplay (tag out of respect)
  21. “magiccosplay” Magical cosplay – any character that has magic
  22. “firstconcosplay” First convention cosplay – your first cosplay at a con, taken at the con
  23. “petcosplay” Pet cosplay – if not your pet then a cosplan for your pet or someone else’s pet (tag out of respect)
  24. “cosplayshoutout” Cosplay senpai or cosplay shoutout– another cosplayer you look up to, let them know you admire their work (tag out of respect)
  25. “herocosplay” Hero Cosplay – hero/heroine cosplay
  26. “villaincosplay” Villain cosplay –villain/villainess cosplay
  27. “handmadecosplay” Handmade cosplay – a pic of a handmade cosplay made by you
  28. “cosplayacting” Cosplay act – act out the character, catch phrase or a scene
  29. “favcosplayprop” Favorite cosplay prop – a pic of your favorite prop
  30. “comiccosplay” or “mangacosplay” Comic/manga cosplay – a cosplay of a character from a comic/manga/graphic novel
  31. “aucosplay” AU cosplay – alternate universe cosplay, same character but in a slightly different story
  32. Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.40.48 PM

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