Johnsonville, CT – Reviving a ghost town

So my family just went to Johnsonville, CT. It’s an 1880’s New England ghost town. My church just recently bought the ghost town in the hopes of reviving it. It used to be a twine and cord milling town. Most of the original buildings are still standing. A little battered but still standing. There’s a… Continue reading Johnsonville, CT – Reviving a ghost town

Yarn Art Patterns

Baby Mermaid Crochet Cocoon

My friend KC just had her first child and it’s a girl! While she was still pregnant, KC requested I make a crocheted a mermaid cocoon ready for her Newborn photoshoot. (Her daddy is a photographer.) I couldn’t wait to meet my new niece and see how cute she looks as a mermaid princess. Here’s the pattern for the… Continue reading Baby Mermaid Crochet Cocoon